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In the year 1971, after the Indo Pak war Sodha Rajput tribe started migrating to Kutch region. They originated from the region of Thar Parkar, it is in east Sindh. People of this tribe which are in Pakistan, have their relatives in Rajasthan, Kutch and Gujarat. Sodha Rajput tribe settled here in Kutch and survived. In Kutch, Sodha Rajput tribe has their thirty two Sodha villages and around twenty five thousand members on the community which contains four thousand artists. This tribe traveled from Pakistan's Sindh region to Kutch and then finally they settled in the Jhura Camp, which is very clean and neat. Women of Sodha tribe sheltered in this village and settled under the chain of mountains, in the north part of Bhuj. This tribe likes to live in a simple manner without having any luxurious facilities. They are not even habitual to drink tea and any other beverages, they only have home made lunch and dinner. They speak languages such as Hindi, Katchi, and Gujarati, because of the knowledge of languages they mix up with the regional local people. They also have the knowledge of Sodha and Marwari language. Some of the people of Sodha tribe write poetries.

This tribe has protected or stored their culture by their Bhungas, which their community is still using. This tribe's people are vegetarian. Their meal contains Khichadi and Gheo or bajra chapattis. Women are also vegetarian, but now some men have started eating non vegetarian food but they eat outside the house. The place called Otara,are where men sit to have meetings and also to eat non vegetarian food. Sodha Rajput men usually wear Adita which is in white color, it is like Dhoti and shirt or Khameez , to cover the head they wrap the turban. Sodha women wear their traditional wear like Odhni and kurta Ghaghra.

The Sodha tribe feel very proud of their artistic embroidery art. They have a unique style of embroidery art. Women use small mirrors and chain stitch to make attractive embroidery. You can find Sodha embroidery on the places like Bibbar, Loriya, Sumrasar Shekh, Jhura, Godhjar and Faradi. The type of embroidery "Soof" is done in the villages; like Suraser, Jhura and border villages of Banaskantha by the women of Sodha Rajputs tribe. This area is known as Sodha Bharat. Sodha women wear jewellery like Nath, lobe earrings and bangles. Young girls of this tribe wear disca earrings and older wear only rings with the pendant of stone. Married women of this tribe wear jewellery which suit their look like gold earrings in a shape of a leaf. Sodha tribe follows their traditional wedding customs like brides of Sodha Rajput tribe cover their faces and visit the sacred places on the next day of marriage. Brides are tied to the groom by a cloth so that she can proceed further with help of the groom. Bride carries her craft and embroidery items to the groom's home. Sodha tribal women and villagers celebrate festivals like Gokulashtmi or Diwali by keeping the Gariyu Alekh painting at the center point of the village. Sodha tribal people believe in the God Pithora Pir , you will find his temple in each village of Sodha tribe. They celebrate annual festival of this god and also the God Satya Mataji. This tribe also enjoys the Hindu festivals like Holi, Diwali, and Satam Atam. Artists and farming communities of Sodha tribe worship Lord Krishna, Rama and Goddess Sachiya Mataji. 



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I would like to join the group

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Hi, I am MANOJ b sodha ,I live in Mumbai
I don't know my ancestors history, kindly add me to group my no is 9833876670

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